Remembering Guest Clinicians at York U.

When OP came to York University and I was teaching there at the time I thought, “BOY, am I ever glad *I* don’t have to play in front of him.
“Seriously, it was easier to play at these guest clinics when I was a student because I was so ignorant and didn’t know that I should be scared.
That’s not exactly true, I do remember a few butterflies. One time I was working trying to leave more space when comping, and did this when Blue Mitchell was the guest clinician.
We finished the tune, and he said to me: “Hey, you sound pretty good, except when you stroll.
“I thought, WTF does THAT mean, and the bass player Chris Connor saw the panic in my eyes and whispered to me: “Stroll means ‘lay out’.”
I took that as a great compliment.

Oscar Peterson with students 1986-Brenda Davis bass, Moira Forbes vocals, Kevin Dempsey drums, Andrew Boniwell piano (standing in awe), Al Weiss tenor.

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