2 for 1

Last week I wrote a real quick note that seemed to capture some attention.
I was pleasantly surprised to see the letter published in the Globe, (see “Poets and Musicians”), and the Star.

Here’s the letter:

In light of all of the division and conflict lately, here’s my perspective as a person who plays music.

Music-making transcends division, division of all kinds. Guess what skill, more than any other, it takes to play music with other people?

Listening. Musicians have honed their listening skills to a level most people can’t even conceive. And that’s what more people need to learn how to do. That skill alone leads to empathy, understanding, and who knows, maybe solutions.

Unfortunately, not enough people play music, and therefore have no idea how to listen, I mean really listen … to anything. Especially another’s pain.

Mark Eisenman, Toronto

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