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Acoustic is Best

My approach to music is non-amplified (if possible), and acoustic. This means that my various groups can best be heard where there is an acoustic piano. Rooms that have this requirement are available, and I strongly urge people to book their event at venues that have the good taste and common sense to provide a real piano that is well maintained and tuned.


However in the event that a piano is not available, I can make arrangements to provide a piano. This may be an electronic keyboard, acoustic upright, or even a grand piano. It depends on your budget. This is another good reason to think about the music early on in the planning, because booking a room without a piano will add to your final cost. Please feel free to consult me about which venues have adequate pianos. You can be sure that any venue that is serious enough to have a good instrument will have everything else in order. It represents a commitment to quality.

The Choice is Yours, From Solo Piano to Larger Groups

As leader, I can contract musical ‘guests’ such as horn players and vocalists. A partial list of them can be found in my Collaborators Page. My network of talent is constantly expanding with my teaching and accompanying work. I am also available for solo piano cocktail parties and other events.

I must remind every potential client that the ability to deal with people is impossible to put in a sound file. This skill is very important however, because the ability to roll with the situation and deal with the guests, and other professionals involved in your event, is what can make or break your event. This is where experience counts a great deal.

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The Music

The music I choose to play is only the best in the tradition of standard and jazz based material. Special requests can be accommodated. The range of experience that I and the musicians that I work with have, make it very difficult to provide a sample of the music.
If fact any number of samples only serves to limit the client’s perception of what music I can make available.
Most of the Sound files provided here represent work that I have done for other people. They represent some of the range of music, and the quality of playing you’ll hear at your event.

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For references please contact me and/or have a quick look at Comments About Me and media Reviews.

I have an obvious joy and love for the music, and communicate this to the audience. In addition, the musicians I hire have knowledge of Jazz and Standard Music that can best be described as vast. All the members of the bands I assemble are very experienced players, have been in demand as accompanying musicians for years, and bring this wealth of experience together to provide the best in Jazz music.

For example, my first call bass players have toured extensively with Oscar Peterson and George Shearing.

All of the above, and my professional and businesslike approach means that you’re dealing with a person with integrity. A contract will be drawn up so as to make sure all the details are right.

When I’m hired for your event it’s a commitment.
If you would like a quote for my services please click here.