Exciting News-Eisenman/Murley All-Stars @ Jazz Bistro Sep.3-4, 2021

Among the worst hit sectors of the economy from the pandemic is the restaurant/entertainment biz. Music in particular was hit hard, and even more on the edge than most is the jazz scene.

So, it is with great pleasure, fanfare, and HOPE that I get to inform you that Mike Murley (sax), Mark Eisenman (piano), will be joined by Order of Canada recipient Terry Clark (drums) and the great Neil Swainson (bass). Really, no more needs to be said about the music. It is my honour and pleasure to be able to hire these great musicians, and share the stage with them. Of course none of this can happen without the commitment of a VENUE to present this quality in a great space, with great food and service.

And none of THIS can continue if you don’t show up to hear this music and spend a little cash doing it. So, I thank you in advance for getting back out there in supporting this great music, band and venue.

We musicians have been quietly practicing – for the most part, alone – for 18 months, now we get to PLAY TOGETHER. If you think we’ll be inspired to play for you you’d be right, and you’ll get to experience it, so come on down to the JAZZ BISTRO Sep. 3-4.

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